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Company Profile

Enterprise Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that it is essential for an enterprise to implement social corporate responsibility. Society searches for constant improvement and growth in promoting living comfort, quality of life, human morality, social stability, equality for all, and environmental protection, hoping that all people will live a more happy, healthy and prosperous life.

An enterprise is like a small society; besides struggling for profit and giving job opportunities, we should act in an active role to help the whole society grow. An enterprise will run for ever only accompanied by the moving forward of society.

ELITEX/APEXCARE will continue to develop high performance, new function care items for aged and disabled people; In addition, we will endeavor to play our part in the whole society as responsibly as possible.

We hope that we can:
  • Basing on a sincere and honest company philosophy, strictly obey commercial morality norms, and protect intellectual property and privacy.
  • Create enterprise value by implementing the best possible operating processes and completely transparent financial statements, to make the maximum profit for shareholders.
  • Maximize profits with suppliers and customers, to make everyone win.
  • Partake actively in society and public welfare.
  • Adopt environmental aware design concepts, which will utilize environmentally friendly materials, to reduce the pollution shock to the earth.
  • Research and develop more welfare products for those who need.
  • Protect customers. We have a high rate Product Life Insurance(PLI),to ensure consumer protection
  • Protect the environment. We do not have any pollution-making processes or facilities. We only use materials and packaging that meet environmental regulations.
  • Contribute to the local economy, as 99% of the products of Elitex/Apexcare are exported.
  • Where possible we will influence the supply chain to implement the enterprise social responsibility.