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Care Bed Mattress

Care Bed Mattress


  • Mattress cover is nylon mixed woven with properties of flame retarding, water resistance and microbial inhibiting.
  • Passed the CNS10285L3196A-2 test.
  • Anti-microbial: passed Japanese fiber manufacturing health processing council microbial cluster test method and CNS2600L3063 test method and JISL1902-1998 test method.
  • Inner layer is high density foam material.
  • Passed CNS 10487A2165 test for density, compression stress, tensile strength, elongation, permanent compression distortion.
  • Combustion retardant passed UKMAR03, 1998 test method.
  • Anti-microbial: passed CNS2600L3063 test method.
  • Dimension: 195cmL x 85cmW x 10cmH.

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