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Patient Lift APC-10170EW
Application instruction
  • Used for moving between bed, wheel chair and batch room, save the nurse from vocational injury and ensure the safety of the patient.
  • Base is 38.1x63.5mm flat tube, static powder coated surface.
  • Uses Danish LINAK electrical elevation cylinder, stable quality and reliable and safety.
  • Employs latest DC charging type electrical cylinder(Jumbo type), with button to switch over to manual mode in case of emergency and lower the patient.
  • Manual control smart type electrical elevation design convenience to nurse in application.
  • "U" shape base is adjustable in two stage, width can be adjust to 100cm(±5%) from 63.5cm.
  • Good for 40 cycles of elevation after full charge.
  • Max. pay load is 210kg(±10kg).
  • The display of the scale is in digital LCD panel, with backlit.
  • Automatic 30 seconds shut off power conservation device. Battery of the scale last for 150 hours with no restriction to places.
  • Function of deduction of full weight.
  • With automatic and manual temporary reserved function.
  • The scale possesses swing monitoring function, the weighing result will not be affected by patient swing.
  • The scale is two purposes usable for 110V wall socket and battery power.
  • Front wheels are 3" caster, rear wheel are 4" braking wheel.
  • Never used while charging.
  • Please charge the battery while the battery display 50% power reserve.
  • Charging time is 4~12 hours, automatic cut off while fully charged.
Standard accessories
  • With one APC-109SL stretch bag.
  • Two 12V batteries, capacity is 2.7AH.
  • With one battery charger.
  • One wired elevation controller.