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Elitex/Apexcare is a professional supplier of hospital equipment, hospital chair, examination stool, I.V. stand equipment, hamper stand, step stool, emergency cart, hospital instrument equipment, medication trolley, utility trolley, storage rack equipment, surgical table equipment and a wide variety of used hospital equipment. Our hospital equipments are guaranteed by numerous customers around the world, the reason is that we provide products that not only with high quality but also affordable price. Moreover, the hospital equipment manufactured by Elitex/Apexcare are definitely suitable for the body of humankind, when people talked about hospital equipments, Elitex/Apexcare always came into their mind, thus our products are exactly what you want!

Hospital Equipment Series:

Hospital Equipment Stool APC-1111Hospital Equipment Stool APC-11112Hospital Equipment Stool APC-11113

APC-1111 Stool Equipment

APC-11112 Stool Equipment

APC-11113 Stool Equipment

Hospital Equipment Stool APC-11116Hospital Equipment Stool APC-22223Hospital Equipment Stool APC-22211

APC-11116 Stool Equipment

APC-22223 Stool Equipment

APC-22211 Stool Equipment

Hospital Equipment Stool APC-22212Hospital Equipment Stool APC-1250Hospital Equipment Stool APC-1251

APC-22212 Stool Equipment

APC-1250 Stool Equipment

APC-1251 Stool Equipment

Hospital Equipment Stool APC-1252Hospital Equipment Stool APC-1253Hospital Equipment Stool APC-12531

APC-1252 Stool Equipment

APC-1253 Stool Equipment

APC-12531 Stool Equipment

Hospital Equipment Stand APC-222071Hospital Equipment Stand APC-222076Hospital Equipment Stand APC-222072

APC-222071 I.V. Stand Equipment

APC-222076 I.V. Stand Equipment

APC-222072 I.V. Stand Equipment

Hospital Equipment Stand APC-222075Hospital Equipment Stand APC-22202PHospital Equipment Stand APC-222073

APC-222075 I.V. Stand Equipment

APC-22202P I.V. Stand Equipment

APC-222073 I.V. Stand Equipment

Hospital Equipment Stand APC-222072AHospital Equipment Stand APC-2010Hospital Equipment Stand APC-2026

APC-222072A I.V. Stand Equipment

APC-2010 Hamper Stand Equipment

APC-2026 Hamper Stand Equipment

Hospital Equipment Stand APC-2410Hospital Equipment Stand APC-2018Hospital Equipment Stand APC-2025

APC-2410 Hamper Stand Equipment

APC-2018 Hamper Stand Equipment

APC-2025 Hamper Stand Equipment

Hospital Equipment Stand APC-2020Hospital Equipment Cart APC-80951Hospital Equipment Cart APC-8095

APC-2020 Hamper Stand Equipment

APC-80951 Hospital Equipments

APC-8095 Hospital Equipment

Hospital Equipment Cart APC-80953Hospital Equipment Cart APC-8097Hospital Equipment Cart APC-1518

APC-80953 Hospital Equipments

APC-8097 Hospital Equipment

APC-1518 Hospital Equipments

Hospital Equipment Cart APC-1511Hospital Equipment Cart APC-1513Hospital Equipment Cart APC-19201

APC-1511 Hospital Equipment

APC-1513 Hospital Equipment

APC-19201 Hospital Equipments

Hospital Equipment Cart APC-19202Hospital Equipment Cart APC-1920Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-60110

APC-19202 Hospital Equipment

APC-1920 Hospital Equipments

APC-60110 Hospital Equipments

Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-612012

APC-61101 Hospital Equipments

APC-61300 Hospital Equipment

APC-612012 Hospital Equipments

Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-61201Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-61200Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-60800

APC-61201 Hospital Equipment

APC-61200 Hospital Equipments

APC-60800 Hospital Equipment

Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-608001Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-60200Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-60700

APC-608001 Hospital Equipments

APC-60200 Hospital Equipment

APC-60700 Hospital Equipments

Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-60701Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-60900Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-609002

APC-60701 Hospital Equipment

APC-60900 Hospital Equipments

APC-609002 Hospital Equipment

Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-609003Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-60300Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-603001

APC-609003 Hospital Equipments

APC-60300 Hospital Equipment

APC-603001 Hospital Equipments

Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-60500Hospital Equipment Trolley APC-60600Hospital Equipment Storage Rack APC-60110

APC-60500 Hospital Equipment

APC-60600 Hospital Equipments

APC-60110 Hospital Storage Equipment

Hospital Equipment Storage Rack APC-60190Hospital Equipment Storage Rack APC-60170Hospital Equipment Storage Rack APC-60120

APC-60190 Hospital Equipments

APC-60170 Hospital Equipment

APC-60120 Hospital Equipments

Hospital Equipment Stool APC-11115Hospital Equipment Stand APC-2030Hospital Equipment Stand APC-2301

APC-11115 Hospital Equipment

APC-2030 Hospital Equipments

APC-2301 Hospital Equipment

Hospital Equipment Stand PC-2009

PC-2009 Hospital Equipments