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Advancements in medical technology are making human life longer and this combined with the high birthrate after World War II means that many more people are becoming aged now. The whole world is facing the issue of a rapid and large increase in an older population. This increase means that there is a growing demand for healthcare equipment. Fulfilling this enormous business opportunity is becoming more and more challenging throughout the world.

Elitex/Apexcare is ready to embrace this business opportunity and to create profit for all of our worldwide partners. Our main aim is to make higher quality and more innovative healthcare products with an efficient and professional service. To achieve this, we will keep on investing more in human resources and have greater investment in better facilities. To speed up our R & D procedure we will collect market information and combine our development ideas with actual market demands. Therefore we will utilize these ideals to produce high quality, innovative products, and strive to be one of the most professional healthcare equipment manufacturers in the world.